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50 Years in Manitou Springs, Colorado


Inspired by a love of rendezvousing in the early 1970's, Sally Swoveland and Luke Swoveland of New Castle, Indiana opened The Mountain Man.


The store was born on a shoestring budget, so all you could find here in '74 was a few muzzleloaders and some shooting supplies. Slowly, the store grew to stock a greater variety. Sally and Luke would scour the flea market on Sunday mornings for other items to merchandise - mostly miscellaneous decorative items. Though no longer flea market-sourced, you can find a wide array of goods at our family run store. You can even find Luke's throwing knives at the shop today - he makes them by hand in Pueblo, Colorado.


Still owned and managed by Sally, The Mountain Man approaches its fifth triumphant decade as a small, independent business. 

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